Who We Are

The Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health advances the science to practice of mental health and substance abuse services through research and implementation of clinical best practices for all, especially practitioners, educators, providers, and policymakers.

What We Do

MNCAMH helps agencies, administrators, and practitioners with assistance in developing integrated substance use and mental health interventions.

Our Experts Provide:
  • Consultation with mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorder programs seeking to add or enhance curriculum in evidenced-based practices for mental health, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders.
  • Program consultation for adapting organizational and systems change within your service setting.
  • Clinical consultation (supervision and direct practice) to clinicians who wish to develop or enhance their clinical competence and capability in evidenced-based practices for mental health and substance use disorders.

E-IMR Training and Clinical Competency Videos

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Co-occurring Disorders Competency Certification: Your Path To Excellence

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MNCAMH now offers serveral options for practitioners to qualify for certification in co-occurring disorers. Click on the link above to discover how you can improve you skills, provide more targeted and effective service and be recognized as a leader in providing services to those with co-occurring disorders.

New Clinical Tip Available

Recovery Oriented Relapse Prevention Training

Relapses are often a part of the recovery process over the course of a person’s illness. Individuals with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders (COD) are at higher risk for relapse. Integrating relapse prevention training for individuals with COD requires consideration of their substance use, psychiatric symptoms, and the interplay between them. Planning for relapses and working to identify steps to address early warning signs and triggers for both substance use and mental health disorders can help reduce the risk of a relapse or need for inpatient care.

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