“We are constantly looking to deliver evidence-based practices in a manner that is easy for our patients to understand. Your manual on E-IMR provides just that in a curriculum that can be divided into sequential sessions. It also incorporates elements of person-centered care, which has been a major initiative within our programs. In sum, E-IMR appears to be an ideal “fit” for our patients with co-occurring disorders as well as for our treatment calendar, which usually involves weekly 45-minute sessions.” 

Helping practitioners treat the interaction between substance use and mental illness

An emerging evidence-informed intervention, Enhanced Illness Management and Recovery (E-IMR) helps practitioners integrate care for mental and substance use disorders. Innovative and effective, this new care model combines two proven practices: Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) and Illness Management and Recovery (IMR). Practitioners gain a shared language and proven strategies to use when delivering care to individuals with co-occurring disorders (CODs). This new approach helps practitioners, and the individuals they serve, identify the interaction between substance use and mental illness. This individualized and integrated care delivers education and skills to address both disorders. E-IMR can be implemented in either mental health or substance use treatment settings.

Train individually or as a team. Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health offers E-IMR training in person to meet your and your agency’s specific needs.

E- IMR training includes:

  • Training workshops
  • Applied learning and consultation
  • E-IMR Manual (digital and paper copy) and participant materials
  • Continuing Education Units

Also available:

  • Practitioner evaluation
  • Agency fidelity review

Practitioner evaluation uses the E-IMR Clinical Competency Scale that measures a practitioner’s knowledge, skill set, and intervention skills for individuals and groups.  Supervisors and evaluators can use the E-IMR Clinical Competency Scale to measure the effectiveness of individual E-IMR practitioners with clients. Data gathered using the scale can improve supervision and identify training needs.

The complete E-IMR manual is available to download free. It contains 11 modules on many topics that are addressed in the training.

E-IMR training can also be accomplished by either purchasing or renting MNCAMH’s set of videos. View the two videos below to learn more in this introduction to E-IMR training and practitioner evaluation.

The Enhanced Illness Management Recovery (E-IMR) Training Videos Videos can be purchased or rented and streamed to any device. Click here for more information.
E-IMR Training Videos For Purchase as DVDs

You can also purchase either the E-IMR training videos or competency videos on DVD for $275.00 each. Or save $100. and purchase both at the same time for $450. The Training DVD includes the training videos, viewer’s guide, and companion materials and the Competency DVD includes the Clinical Competency Training videos and Minnesota Clinical Competency Scale. The DVD and companion materials  will be sent to you following purchase. A $10. mailing and handling charge is added to the price.



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