Distinguish yourself as a practitioner with proven clinical competency specializing in co-occurring disorders.

Unlike other certifications, CDCC is developed from empirically informed results and with an emphasis in clinical competency. In creating CDCC, MNCAMH has trained and measured the clinical competency of practitioners serving individuals with co-occurring disorders; the lessons learned from this process have distinguished CDCC from other certifications.


  • Distinguish yourself as a practitioner with proven specialized clinical competency in co-occurring disorders.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to delivering evidence-informed care.
  • Ensure the most effective treatment for co-occurring mental and substance use disorders.
  • Become a catalyst for change within the field by modeling evidence-based practices.
  • Gain up to 36 CEUs: 30 hours upon completion of online training plus an additional 6 hours for the day-long skills practice workshop.

The path to certification that you choose depends on your confidence in your co-occurring disorders clinical skills:

  • Optional on-line training is the perfect starting point for those who lack specific training in co-occurring disorder treatment.
  • The In-Person Skills Practice Workshop is a valuable next-step for those who have completed on-line training.
  • A Knowledge Test is required for those seeking certification
  • After passing the Knowledge Test, candidates for certification will be required to submit a recording of you work for review.

Learn more about the value of CDCC and the steps necessary to get certified.