Our Team

Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health

The Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health (MNCAMH) is located within the School of Social Work which is part of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. We are funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services to train mental health and substance use providers throughout Minnesota. We also provide fee for service training to other providers throughout the United States.


In 2012, Peter Dimock, Julie Rohovit and Ken Winters, educators at the University of Minnesota, responded to a call for proposals from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. DHS wished to establish a Center of Excellence to train Minnesota health care providers in the integrated treatment of co-occurring disorders. The University of Minnesota’s proposal was chosen and the Minnesota Center for Mental and Chemical Health was formed. MNCAMH and its staff is dedicated to empirically sound practices that put hope and wellness at the center of our recovery orientation. These values have guided our mission, allowing us to provide support to Minnesota’s workforce and to reach audiences across the nation and the world.

MNCAMH Mission

Through the provision of consultation, training, research and evaluation, we inspire mental health and substance use practitioners to discover their greatest potential as clinicians so they can provide the highest level of care to individuals, and families who live with mental illness and substance disorders.


We envision a world where each person is provided readily available, affordable care that meets his or her unique needs. We envision a cadre of practitioners who believe that recovery is always possible, are confident in their abilities, view each client with respect, and are committed to the improvement of their own knowledge and skills as well as that of their clients.


MNCAMH is staffed by mental health and substance use practitioners, trainers, researchers, support staff and students. (We need to include pictures and information about our students on the “our team” page.)

Core Values

  • Recovery
    No one is beyond hope. We are grounded in the belief that all individuals have the capacity to move toward their own recovery vision and live meaningful, satisfying and purposeful lives as a valued member of their community.
  • Excellence
    We strive to assure that service providers have the attitude, skills, commitment, and integrity to help clients attain their goals.
  • Intervention
    We recognize that effective Interventions must be empirically valid. We search for the most recent intervention research and translate key findings into practice.
  • Collaboration
    We know that training is not simply a matter of providing information. We work collaboratively with our clients and with each other to co-create the clinical skills and service environment that improves practice.
  • Mentoring
    We help prepare the professionals of the future. Graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota receive mentoring, training and support from Staff during their internships at MNCAMH. Students are involved in a variety of projects that help them learn and practice research skills. In addition, students receive a stipend that helps fund their tuition


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