Jillian Wright-Martin

Research Coordinator

Jillian Wright-Martin, MPS, LADC completed her master’s degree in Integrated Behavioral Health at the University of MN in 2016 where she also gained nationally recognized certification as a certified provider of Prolonged Exposure for the Treatment of PTSD awarded through the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of St. Thomas in 2012 with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Social Welfare. While completing her master’s degree she held a research assistant appointment with MNCAMH and feels grateful to have returned as Research Coordinator and Clinical Trainer.

Jillian has sought to engage in learning and professional experiences that enrich her understanding of mental health and substance use disorders through an integration of research and applied clinical work. In particular, Jillian has a passion for understanding the needs of those who have experienced traumatic life events and how their providers can facilitate healing and resilience. She has been fortunate to work with and been mentored by a number of well-respected trauma researchers and clinicians.

Most recently, she was employed as a psychotherapist at North Memorial Hospital where she gained valuable experience serving adults with a vast array of co-occurring disorders while aiding in program development to serve the needs of those with trauma histories.

Prior to this, while completing her master’s degree, Jillian was employed in various roles on research teams at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center studying adjustment issues spanning the deployment cycle, ways in which family can support Veterans in seeking care for PTSD, and a clinical trial comparing two evidence-based treatments for PTSD. There she saw a unique professional synergy between researchers and clinicians providing mental health and substance use treatment to Veterans she would like to see expanded to mental health and substance use professionals serving civilians.

She’s also enjoyed professional consultation amongst metro area colleagues providing evidence-based care to people with PTSD and co-occurring substance use disorders, previously working with adults with developmental and cognitive differences, and providing administrative support for the graduate psychology program at the University of St. Thomas.

She feels it is critical that organizations such as MNCAMH continue the work of bringing practical, useful strategies of implementing evidence-based care to professionals providing all levels of care in all manner of settings. She looks forward to advancing the research aims of MNCAMH while growing into a role of helping other professionals learn how to expand their knowledge base and clinical toolkit.

Outside of her educational and professional endeavors, Jillian is continually entertained by her adopted pets Obie Dog and Pippa Cat Martin as well as her cinematographer husband Christopher. Her household will be joined by their first child any day now! She enjoys travel, exercise for relaxation and competition, live music, lively conversation, and brunch.

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